When will you post my giveaway?
After posting several giveaways, we have found that posting the giveaways around 2-6 PM attract the most traffic and attention BY FAR. That being said, we are happy to accommodate whatever time you would like the giveaway posted.
How many new followers will I get?
That depends on the prize you choose to giveaway. Our most successful giveaway so far got 19,800 new followers/likers. This is aside from the literally MILLIONS of impressions they also received. Look at the engagement in each of our past giveaways to help you decide what you want to do!
What prizes get the most attention?
That is hard to say. If you look back at giveaways we have done, gift cards & jewelry have been the most popular.
Can I (you) choose the winner?
No. This is the only way that we can make sure that an actual winner that entered is chosen.
Will you mention my page, giveaway, or do a shout-out for me?
Yes. Go to packages and purchase package 4.  
If I giveaway a big enough prize, will you run a giveaway for free?
Can I do a giveaway with other people?
  Yes. The giveaway must grow in value with each additional person ($50). If you would like to include others in your giveaway, please purchase this add-on for each additional company/individual.  
What do you do with the money from these giveaways?
We save it up and do a super giveaway where we give away bigger prizes. This gets more attention and followers for our social media accounts and gets more potential followers for all of you!